You started from a warrior, ended up being a martyr.

Do you know the difference between them?

A warrior might survive. The martyr had decided to sacrifice it all. Read MARTYR called SAINT. Just beautiful euphemism.

...Well you don't know. Neither do you even care if everyone out there is right about you. 

So finally our paths led to apart terminals my friend. I'm not criticizing. It merely explains why we are fundamentally equivalent but fundamentally different in the same time. The warrior and the martyr, the obsession and the devotion. What I saw? You sealed, caged, and forged yourself in a stainlessly votive way.

And that's why I admit you are right about me. I did not make you what you became today. A martyr, a saint, a messiah of new generation who is meant to die first to revive -- if the revival is truly possible, which you do not know either.

So you are right. I'm never capable of that.

* nonsense monologue




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